You are so kind for share tips those works in your wedding.

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You are so kind for share tips those works in your wedding.

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Let me start by saying how much I love this invitation for our Florida June wedding. 

It was perfect and fitting for us and I couldn't find anything like it anywhere.

I chose the navy envelopes because our colors are navy and coral.

I considered that we would have to write the addresses in a light color. 

Then I read on a article that the post office will not mail darker envelopes. So before I wrote my review I wanted to get the real story. 

According to my local post office official, dark envelopes cannot be read by the machine that processes mail. 

Coincidently this size envelope cannot fit in the machine that processes mail anyways so it would have to be hand processed, requiring a 68 cent stamp.

I still recommend this invitation however!

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